Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Featured Free and Discounted Apps July 23 including Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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Today we have 19 apps (9 completely free with no in-app purchases) and $100 in savings on our list!  Featured apps include Proloquo4Text, 5 Star app IsopodMickey Mouse Clubhouse, two storybooks by Auryn Apps and My, Oh My-A Butterfly! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat).

Download these ASAP before they go back to full price.

Cybersafety: Great resource to help make sure you know how to protect kids

I love technology. Since I was old enough to work a screwdriver I was pulling electronics apart and figuring out how things worked. I even got a degree in computer science in college. Technology is my life and I love it. Now that I have two young children, technology concerns me. It is so difficult to stay up to date with everything kids use. Luckily there are people like Katie Greer. I met her this past weekend at a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) conference.

Todo Math has changed, but is still approved by this special education teacher

Smart Apps for Kids reviewed a math app called ToDo K-2 Math Practice and they found it to be a wonderful app.   Since they first reviewed ToDo K-2 Math Practice, it has evolved to an app with a new name and even more math. The new review can be found here: ToDo Math is all-new and still fabulous. As a Special Education Teacher, I was always looking for good apps for my classroom, and this app was definitely a great one to use, and this new version is still a wonderful app. 

What is ABA therapy? FREE infographic!