Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Find Me (Autism)

Find Me (Autism) by Tigerface Games
***FREE*** social skills for autism app

Developed by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, this app is designed to help develop social and communication skills, such as knowing where people are looking or pointing, in the fun and non-threatening platform of iPad learning.
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From iTunes:
Find Me is an app designed to help young children with autism practice simple social skills. It is suitable for play by children with an ability level equivalent to 18 months or over, and doesn’t require any language or reading.

How to play:
In Find Me, the aim of the game is to find the person in the scene and tap on them.

As the levels increase, it becomes harder to spot the person as more and more distracting thing (plants, animals, toys) appear in the scene.

Research and Design:

Find Me was developed by a group of researchers, computer programmers and artists at the University of Edinburgh and published by Interface3 Limited.

The app is part of the output for the Click East Project ( which is investigating the possibilities of using Computer Games to teach Social Attention Skills to children with autism. The project is led by Sue Fletcher-Watson at the School of Education at Edinburgh University.

While this game has focused on the skill of attending to people, the aim is to publish similar apps in the future. As a result, we would really appreciate any feedback that you have as this will help us understand the impact this app might have on you and your child.

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Cas got lost in the supermarket when she was a young girl. It would have been nice to have been found so easily!

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