Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inside Voice - Free Speech App

Inside Voice by Nonlinear Ideas Inc

Recommended by Megan: There's an app called "Inside Voice" that has you try to keep your voice inside the circle as it goes around. Might be good to introduce the idea of limiting volume!"

Thanks Megan!

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This is a great tool to use in the classroom, as teachers often need to remind students of the acceptable level of noise during lessons. One common way for teachers to bring the noise level down is to raise their own voice to call attention to the students. Another is to clap a rhythm and have the children repeat it before reminding them to bring the noise level down. One really effective way of reducing the noise level of a busy classroom is to have some visual cue. Whether that be raising a hand, pointing to a chart on the board or by using an app, students respond really well to visual cues to reduce the noise.

Inside Voice has both visual and audible cues. A glowing orb represents sound and a sound wave is shown rotating around the orb. The acceptable level of noise is set by dragging a circle away from the center of the orb. Once the sound waves go out past the
circle, an alarm will sound. There are four different alarm sounds, with more to choose from and the option to record your own alarm as part of the upgrade.

From iTunes:
Surrounded by noisy kids, coworkers, or friends? Teach them to use their Inside Voice. This App "listens" to the noise around you and sounds a programmable alarm every time it gets out of control.

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Cas uses this app during dinner, although the setting is quite high.

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