Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sensory Speak Up - free speech app for volume control

Sensory Speak Up by Sensory Apps Ltd

A speech app that encourages vocalizing and/or making sounds. The various patterns on the screen enlarge as the voice is increased in volume. A super vocal cause-effect type of app. Apps such as this are really useful for either increasing volume or limiting volume. By giving a visual representation of the sound they are making, children understand better how loud or soft their voice might be to others.

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One way this app could be used is in an elementary reading group, where children take turns reading to the group. Rather than the other members of the group continually asking for a quiet reader to speak up, this app can encourage louder reading without interrupting the reader. With eight different patterns to choose from, no ads, in-app purchases or external links and a very easy to use interface, this app is a bargain and will be a welcome addition to the iPad both at home and at school.

From iTunes:
Sensory Speak Up is a visually stimulating simple game style app that responds to sounds.

Speak Up can be used to encourage children to vocalize and make sounds, either through the internal microphone or via and external microphone.

Designed to assist with speech therapy, the louder the voice sound, the bigger the shape or pattern becomes.

Different activities either give a gross display of the volume or a short trail of volumes.

The colors of the display can be set as well as the sound threshold for a visual response.

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Cas uses this volume control app during bedtime reading.

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