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abc First Step - Letters and Sounds for iPad

abc First Step - Letters and Sounds for iPad

The first step in teaching children to read is to teach the basics of the alphabet. This means to teach how to link sounds to letters and the naming of the letters of the alphabet. These are the foundations to your child's understanding of language. This is a great app to teach those beginning skills.
Andrea H

From iTunes:
"The first step in teaching a child to read is to teach that child the BASICS of the alphabet - specifically the ABILITY TO LINK SOUNDS TO LETTERS AND NAMING THE LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET.

These are the foundations to your child’s understanding of language. It is very important to reinforce these first steps before moving on to more complex letter sound combinations.

Created in conjunction with teaching professionals, abc First Step – Letter & Sounds adheres to the guidelines laid out in the Government’s Early Years Curriculum and helps in supporting a child’s Early Years Foundation Profile (a child’s early years assessment).

abc First Step – Letters & Sounds consists of a set of beautifully animated flash cards; each is fully interactive with a vocal response to every touch, be it a letter, illustration or word. Most touch responses lead to amusing interactive animations to capture your child’s interest, sustain their motivation and reinforce their learning in imaginative and exciting ways;"

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abc First Step (iPad Only - $1.99)

abc First Step Lite (free)

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