Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Star - Libby

Meet our first SAFSN All-Star Libby! We would like to acknowledge her great accomplishment by sharing her success story.

Libby's mother writes: While eating at a local restaurant, the waitress approached me and my daughter, Libby. She asked Libby if she would like a refill of tea—Libby smiled and responded, “Yes, please.” The waitress stepped away for a moment and returned with a new glass; she complimented Libby with, “You are a very pretty girl,” to where Libby smiled again at her and said, “Thank you.” I’ll admit, I began to cry. 

Now, this may not seem all that great for some parents, but for me, it was as great as some might react to their child quoting some historical moment or presenting a report card with all A’s. Honor Rolls and quoting historic facts are common for me and Libby, but what is not common is her acknowledgment of someone else. For the last eight years, Libby has always hid under a table, sat in a ball, and rocked—holding her hands over her ears whenever anyone other than myself spoke to her. This was the first time since her diagnosis I saw something other than a “secluded hermit” in her future as an adult—I saw hope.

Afterwards, I praised Libby for what she did and told her I was proud of her. I asked for a hug and she frowned and said, “Actually, I don’t think I can do that.” Then she extended her hand and we shook on her great accomplishment. Regardless of how many A’s she brings home in the future, that moment at the restaurant will always be my greatest memory of Libby—of us, and our adventure with autism. 

Great Job Libby! ~Bridget

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