Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flashcards by Me

When Chatterbox started school last year, I went on a quest to find a flashcard app; not just any flashcard app though. I needed one that was easily customized and allowed me to use my own photos and voice. I found Flashcards by Me by Laughing Fairy, LCC for $2.99. It did what I needed and much more. Their customer service is also wonderful!
If you would like to download Flashcards by Me ($2.99, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:
From iTunes: 
"Quickly & easily turn your photos into flashcards. Choose which cards your child will see - specific letters, colors, shapes, action-words only, clothing, food, etc.
The Flashcards by Me photo card App was created by a parent of a son with Down syndrome to help children learn vocabulary, sight words and receptive language – by using objects they are familiar with.
The intent of the easy to use App is to have the parent upload their own images from which their children can learn vocabulary. So instead of seeing pictures of a random dog, your child will see pictures of their own dog. And you can record your own voice to say the name of each picture you upload.

The App includes over 100 starter photo cards to get your child playing right away. But adding your own images will make the tool more relevant and more fun for your child!"
Odd Socks Mummy has completed this quest and is now in search of a new quest.

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