Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Dog

PlaySquare presents WordWorld's Happy Birthday Dog

This free word building/spelling/learning to read app has been an integral part of my daughter learning to read. She has Down Syndrome and needs more repetition than other children. She also benefits greatly from visual learning, and this highly interactive and engaging app, presents animals actually made out of the letters that spell them, as well as the cake, the hat, the barn etc.

Letters are found to make a word, placed in the correct order, and then squeezed together to make the word/object. For weeks after using this app for the first time, my daughter's favorite quote was "Share the cake, don't eat the cake." ~ Cas

From iTunes:
"PlaySquare is more than an app, it’s a world of entertainment and adventure for children 3-6.

PlaySquare introduces Touchable Television, a nutritious, active, engaging new media experience that’s a story and a game all in one. Touchable Television allows you to finger draw on the screen to become part of the action of the story. Kids are engaged from start to finish and when kids are engaged, they are learning!

Here’s what’s unique about PlaySquare: Your child helps propel the story along. He or she is a part of it!

Our first episode, WordWorld’s “Happy Birthday Dog”, takes place on Dog’s birthday. Dog thinks all his friends have forgotten his birthday. Once your child gathers all the party pieces together, Dog finds himself with a happy surprise!"

Previously featured on Smart Apps For Kids as the Good Free App of the Day

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