Thursday, August 29, 2013

Independent Living Centres Australia

Don't have an iPad yet? Unsure if the $230 app is the right one for you? Pop into your Independent Living Centre (ILC) to have a play with their iPads. The ILC is a not for profit organization that operates in each state of Australia, as well as the Australian Capital Territory, assisting people from all works of life to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

A range of therapists and allied health provide services to old people, as well as adults and children with a disability. If you are looking into using assistive technology, researching computer software options, or perhaps buying an iPad, the ILC is a good place to start. Someone will be on hand to show you different apps available and how to use certain apps. A great way to try before you buy, and it is with therapist recommendations. ~ Cas

Link to ILC apps page:

From the ILC website:
"Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading, collective, impartial voice for Assistive Technology.

Our Mission

To advance Assistive Technology policy and systems innovation with the Australian Government. To encourage development of evidence for practice in understanding the economic benefits, social benefits and effectiveness of Assistive Technology. To seek and identify emerging trends in Assistive Technology and advise of its application within the Australian context.

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Cas is hopeless with initals and whenever she sees "ILC" she thinks it stands for "I Love Chocolate"

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