Friday, August 23, 2013

Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo

Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo by Mindshapes Limited
Chatter Zoo teaches kids how to teach. The game is designed for children to help "teach" the animal what they themselves would be learning, such as vocabulary development. You can feed the animals, put them to sleep and play with them. 

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The big idea of Chatter Zoo is simple. The kids at home, who are just a little bit older than the zoo babies, get to “take care of” the zoo babies and “teach” them the very skills that they are in the final stages of mastering. In the same way that toddlers love to play “mom” or “dad” to their dolls and stuffed animals, the viewer gets to be the teacher instead of the learner.

This offers them a sense of pride and accomplishment while simultaneously reinforcing the skills they are modeling. Just like adults, little kids love to be the one in the know. This show gives them that opportunity along with the feeling of competency that comes with it.


Chatter Zoo is an interactive experience from start to finish. Behind all of this interaction is a curriculum that supports vocabulary acquisition and early language building. The zoo babies need your help to learn lots of skills, but in order to do this, they must first master the most important skill of all -- how to talk!

Each part of the app focuses on a few key words. In every story, the characters use the key words, and then repeat them in a simple song form at the end. The learn and play activities allow the child to interact with objects and learn their names while playing with the babies.


The zoo babies have a very joyful relationship with the audience at home. Through Direct Address, they communicate with the viewer in order to play with them and to learn from them. The babies also think the viewer is their best, best friend. The characters in Chatter Zoo are not only adorable, they also have a unique relationship with their young audience – they need YOU!"
Andrea H. had a lot of fun playing with this app.

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