Friday, August 9, 2013

Shark Week Spotlight: A Shiver of Sharks

iPad Screenshot 2The second app in our Shark Week Spotlight is a cute little book called A Shiver of Sharks!  The sequel to "A Troop is a Group of Monkeys," that app that The Guardian ranked among the "Best 50 apps for Kids" for 2013!

A Shiver of Sharks brings a visual wordplay of collective nouns for how groups of animals are named.  A herd of seahorses.  A cast of crabs.  A scoop of pelicans.  Really?  How cool is that?  AND, the creatures on each page are interactive!

To learn about and have playtime with  pretty neat sea creatures, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs and click the download link below. ($0.99, iPad ONLY iOS 5.1+)

From iTunes:

"A Shiver of Sharks" is the delightful ocean SEA-quel to the critically-acclaimed app "A Troop is a Group of Monkeys" by Julie Hedlund. This interactive book for kids introduces some of the fun plural nouns for ocean animals. You already know about a "school of fish," but how about a "cast of crabs" and a "battery of barracudas"? This rhyming story, written by Julie Hedlund and illustrated by Pamela Baron, is fun to read and play with. Featuring original singalong music by Tim McCanna. Arr, ahoy mateys! "A Shiver of Sharks" has just floated onto the App Store shores!

Each of the animal groups comes to life on the screen and invites young readers to enjoy interactive play while reinforcing the vocabulary words on each page. The pelicans scoop their mighty beaks into the water for fish, and the gorgeous jellyfish dance and change color under your fingers.

Be a good ocean visitor! Readers can help the swordfish avoid a harpoon, protect the animals' habitat by cleaning up the sea floor, and more.

This story is tied to Common Core standards and includes information for teachers and parents on how to enhance a reader's comprehension with reading strategies and activity ideas.


Leslie wrote this review thus temporarily avoiding all house work.  It currently looks like a sharknado hit the inside of her house.  

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