Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sono Flex Lite - Customizable AAC App

Sono Flex Lite by Tobii Technology

Sono Flex is one of my favorite AAC apps, and the Lite version is one factor in what makes it so fantastic. It’s a near-fully functional Lite version, which allows it to be tested thoroughly with an individual student before committing to the full version. Core vocabulary, fringe vocabulary, adding and deleting words, pre-programmed contexts, even text-to-speech, all on the free version! This Lite version is better than many of the paid AAC apps I've used.
The free version  limits the preprogrammed contexts available, and there is only one voice available, compared to five in the full version. But for my use in therapy, it works perfectly. I can create a communication board for a particular activity with just 5 minutes of effort, and the ability for a family to try it out extensively before committing makes it a must-try for families considering Augmentative or Alternative Communication. - Heather H.

From Jean:
"Great for use by Speech Therapists, Teachers, Parents, Carers, and others, and is easily customized."

From iTunes:
"Tobii Sono Flex is an easy to use AAC vocabulary app that turns symbols into clear speech. It offers language to nonverbal users who are not yet in full control of literacy. Sono Flex combines the benefits of structure and flexibility, providing a framework for language development, quickly matching individual and situational communication needs. Tobii Sono Flex has been designed to be easy to operate and easy for SLPs, teachers, parents, caregivers or other communication partners to setup and customize."

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(Free, iPad/iPhone)

Sono Flex (full version)
($99.99, iPad/iPhone)

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