Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is Fair?

This is a great saying.  It is a lesson that I really take to heart as a teacher.

You can download this poster for free by clicking on the picture.  Shannon makes many great signs like this.

I recently learned about a great activity for teachers to use at the beginning of the school year from a fellow coworker.  I have also seen it reposted by a variety of bloggers, so I am unsure of where the original idea came from, but it is still great.

Have each child close their eyes and think about a pretend injury that they have.  One at a time, the  kids will then tell you what their injury is.  No matter what they say the injury is, put a band-aid on each child in the exact same spot.  A child may say they broke their leg, but you will put the band-aid on the back of their hand.  Another child may say they hurt their head, but you will still put the band-aid on the back of their hand.  Continue this until every child has a band-aid in the same place.

Then, you can discuss what fair means.  Does fair mean that everyone should get the same thing?  Or does fair mean that you get what you need?  It wasn't fair that everyone had their band-aid in the same spot.  It would have been fair if they all had been given the band-aid where they needed.

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Heather S. is adjusting to being an inclusion teacher and not having her own classroom to do these activities in, so will someone please do them for her?  

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