Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wildlife Detective - nature fact search and find app

Wildlife Detective by Snepo Research

Puzzles are great brain training tools, as they involve skills such as discovering patterns, solving problems, and also memory and observation skills. Wildlife Detective is a kind of "hide-and-seek" puzzle, where animals are located in their natural habitat and must be found before the forest is harvested. Choose from either daytime or nighttime options for searching (different animals will be found). Once the time is up, there is information about each animal (including animals not found).

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From iTunes:
"Kids play WILDLIFE DETECTIVE to learn about how foresters protect animals in the forest. State forests in New South Wales are harvested for timber for all kinds of wood products you find in your home and at school every day. But before Forests NSW harvests any trees our foresters check out the forest for all kinds of animals. Foresters take extra special care to protect any rare andendangered species. They look for day-time animals such as koalas and parrots, and night-time animals such as owls and possums. Foresters also look for animal clues such as feathers and burrows that tell them what animals might be living there.

Take the wildlife detective challenge today to see how many different animals and clues you can find!"

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Cas and her kids really prefer to play search-and-find with real  animals in their natural environment.

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