Saturday, September 28, 2013

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Beep Beep - Touch Timer

Chatterbox has a visual timer for school but not at home, so I searched for a similar timer for the iPad - because there has to be an app for that - and found it in Touch Timer HD by SixAxis. We mainly use it to show how long the kids have to eat their dinner (because they are v....e....r....y.... slow) and also for Chatterbox to know how long she has before 'lights out' at night.

If you would like to download Touch Timer ($1.99, iPhone and iPad), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button: 

There is one external link to developer's webpage which is accessed by clicking the "?" button in the top right corner.

Touch Timer is $1.99 - which I consider a bargain considering the timer we bought for Chatterbox cost around $30 and one the size of an iPad screen would cost more.  Another benefit of the iPad version including the ability to set the timer for longer than an hour, in fact the timers can be up to 12 hours!

From iTunes:
Make every moment count with this visual Timer App. This is the most intutive timer app available in the app store. 

Touch the app and move your fingers in clockwise direction to set time. 

Timer is shown in different colors for 

- Minutes in RED 
- Hours in BLUE 
- Seconds in GREEN 

- 18+ alarm ringers to choose from! 

* Simple and effective and easy controls 
* Touch the app and move your fingers in clockwise direction to set time. 
* Huge Display of clock
* Supports both landscape and portrait modes
* The counter keep going even if you stop the app by putting in the background or get interrupted by a phone call

* Timer sends a notification even if app is in background
* Hours are shown in blue, minutes are shown in Red, and seconds in green 
* Don't like to rotate? Then select from hour / minute dial or pre-select 5 minutes increment numbers
* Adjust screen brightness
* 18+ alarm ringers to choose from! 
* Set timer up to 12 hours & 59 minutes. 
* Parents love it: Your kids will finally understand what “five more minutes” really means! 
* Professional Organizers love it 
* Students with Special Needs love it: Visual Timer help them “own” their tasks. 
* High-achievers with special needs use it for tests, therapy, college and work. 
* Teachers love it: Students can pla their work without the anxiety of a numerical count down. 
* So simple that even a kid can use it!

1. If you want to set time for 30 minutes then move your finger slowly over the clock in clockwise direction. If you need to set it for longer then keep rotating your finger over the clock. Hours are shown in blue. 
2. Once the time is set then click on the play button on the top 
3. If for some reason you need to pause timer then click on the pause time button 
4. If you need to reset the timer, click on the recycle timer button 
5. That its! How simple is that? 

Odd Socks Mummy is thinking that using a visual timer will help her to stick to her study schedule so that she can actually finish her uni assignment before midnight on the day it is due.

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