Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice

ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice is a great app for beginning to learn how to make letters and numbers.  A bubble letter is shown, and the child must use their finger to make the letter properly, while the app paints the letter in. Numbers, dots, and arrows guide you to start in the correct places, go in the correct directions, and complete the letter or number correctly.

 If you would like to download this app, you can choose between the free version or the paid version, but whatever you do, use our link pretty please:

Free (iPad and iPhone)

Free version contains all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, as well as numbers 1-9.  The full version adds the Letter Game and Sound Game.  (I have used the free version for two years with students successfully, and I just recently upgraded.)

There are pop-up ads during transitions for other ABC 123 products, such as flashcards.  The free version has ads on the writing pages, but the full version removes these. There are external links to Facebook and Twitter. In the full version, there are no in-app purchases.  There are just ads for additional products.

Full $2.99 (iPad and iPhone) - Reduced to $1.99 for September 2013

Free Version is available on Google Play Store.

** Only the app's developer can control when an app is free/discounted or not. The prices of apps in our free app posts are verified to be correct at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.


I have used this app for students that are reluctant to write and are just learning how to form the letters of the alphabet.  Kids are more willing to use their finger to fill in the bubble letters because it feels like they are painting or doing "magic" with their finger.  They also get to pick the color they want to use.  In the free version, there is a choice of 2 colors and the full version has the choice of 8 colors.

There are numbered dots to show the order of starting points for different parts of a letter and an arrow to show which way to go from the dot.  Since the bubble letters are wider, kids do not have to be perfect in making the letters, so if their line isn't completely straight, it is okay!

The capital I and the capital J are not the way that I teach them written, but when used as an introductory app, my students haven't had any issues making the transition to making those correctly.  (You do not put the lines on the top and bottom of the letters, but they are shown there on the I.)

There are 2 different modes in settings: Standard and Natural.  I have found that this changes the way it has you write letters such as M, N, and W.  I like the natural setting better for these letters, but I like that the preference is there for you.

In the full version, you receive the Letter Game and the Sound Game.   The Letter Game is simply matching letters and numbers up with their shadow.  One thing I dislike about this part is that it says "Find the Letter!!!" at the top, but there are numbers in it also.  Most kids that are using this app will probably not be able to read that part, but it is just a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

The Sound Game is where they name a letter or number, and you must find it out of 6 choices.  You can have it repeat the letter or number also by clicking the speaker button.

This app is the first app I use to introduce kids to the letters of the alphabet and get them writing.  Kids seem to enjoy this and do not get as easily frustrated with the app.  I will be writing more about the apps that I use to move kids to independent handwriting.

Heather S. just may be a writing app fanatic!

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