Monday, September 23, 2013

Accessibility Feature Updates in iOS7!

I am so excited about the latest release of iOS7 that came out Friday. It now has Switch Control built into the operating system!

 Now we have switch accessibility features built into the operating system and it is amazing! There are also other accessibility features that have been added or updated. Here are some of the accessibility features of iOS7 -
iOS 7 Accessibility Features
- Full Featured Switch Access for Switch Users - Amazing!!!! Can even use your head movement to control the switch scanning (the built-in camera detects your head movement). You can also use your screen as a switch.
- Accessibility have moved to the top part of the menu
- Enlarged Cursor for VoiceOver
- Handwriting recognition in VoiceOver
- Guided Access now support VoiceOver
- Disable the Volume Button in Guided Access

The amazing Luis Perez has several YouTube videos on the new accessibility features of iOS7. Check them out. -


Andrea H had to watch the YouTube videos a couple of times since computer stuff does not come naturally to her!

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