Monday, September 30, 2013

Body Socks - Get in and Get Resistance

One of my students' favorite sensory items is the Sensory Sox from Therapy Shoppe.  These can be found from many different places (another one is described below).  These funny looking socks provide great resistance for children.  They can stand or even lie down in them.  When a child pushes out on it, it provides excellent sensory input to the child.

This sock has helped a couple of my students calm themselves instead of going into a fit.  I worked a lot with a child with an emotional disability on being able to communicate his needs to us before losing control.  This sock became the thing that would calm him down the best.  He would often say, "I am feeling crazy right now," and I knew that when he felt this way, he needed to go to the Sensory Sox immediately.  Once in it, he would walk around and push on it a lot.  He would eventually get the excess energy and "craziness" (as he referred to it) out.  He could focus better after that.  If he was able to communicate his needs and get into it, it worked most of the time. 

With another child, this Sensory Sox became a comfort for him.  He needed frequent breaks to spend time in it.  After a few minutes in it, he was usually able to focus better for awhile.  - Heather S.

Body Socks are great sensory integration tools, however most insurances will not cover them. If you are looking for a great alternative, you can purchase a shape changer from Oriental Trading Company like I did. They range from $18-$25 plus shipping. If you keep the receipt and get a prescription from your doctor you may also be able to use this purchase as a tax write off. I call that a thrifty shopping experience. ~Bridget

Picture from Oriental Trading Company


Heather S. has been really tempted to climb in the Sensory Sox in her classroom when overwhelmed also.

Bridget has the Super Shape Changer at her home.  She spent less money than Heather's school and loves it just the same.

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