Monday, September 2, 2013

Chalk Walk Handwriting App

Chalk Walk by Mrs. Judd's Games, LLC

Previously featured on Smart Apps For Kids as the Good Free App of the Day, Chalk Walk by Mrs Judd's games is an excellent handwriting app (although no longer free) that uses a pincer grip to write on the screen. With fabulous music and graphics, this is another app that may be useful for teens who are working below level and need more practice with their handwriting. ~ Cas

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From iTunes:
"Introduce your kids to the first app to help children to develop the pincer grip needed at school. Many children are coming into school unable to properly hold a pencil. As time spent drawing on paper or coloring with crayons is swapped for screen time, key fine motor skills remain underdeveloped. But screen time can also solve the problem and prepare kids for the pencil-and-paper tasks they encounter in school. Mrs. Judd’s Games’ new app, CHALK WALK, is designed to fill in the blank: young hands get needed exercise as they use a thumb & finger pincer grip to play this fun, innovative, teacher-designed game.

Typical iPad tracing games ignore this need for children build awareness of hand positioning required for success in school. CHALK WALK helps focus a child's attention on this skill and offers clever tracing lines that bend and twist before the player's eyes. Children can relate to the familiar activity of drawing and after playing CHALK WALK, we hope they are encouraged to practice their new skills by creating their own drawings with real sidewalk chalk.

CHALK WALK's colorful, fanciful maps offer children a journey through the unique sidewalks of places like Kitty City and Crown Town. Players collect alphabet puzzle pieces and chase prizes as they make their way to Silly Town, where they are encouraged to create their own designs with loops and squiggles that will give their hands—and imaginations—a workout!

The video playback feature offers children a chance to study their own moving "chalk lines" and motivate them to try again, just for fun!"

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