Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eggy 100

If you are after a game to teach sight words that includes rotten eggs, frying pans and flying pigs then Eggy 100 by Blake eLearning is the app for you.

If you would like to download this app, please support Smart Apps For Special Needs by clicking on the buttons below:
FREE version (iPad Only)

PAID version: $1.99 (iPad Only)

Full version purchase offered in app on both menu screen
Full screen ad for Reading Eggs online program on start up

I’ve had this FREE app sitting on my iPad for a while, but I haven’t encouraged its use until last week.  The aim of the game is to swipe the flying egg, which has the target word.  At first Chatterbox thought it was fun to swipe the wrong eggs, the frying pan and the pigs (yep pigs fly in this game!).  Eventually she realized the fun of actually getting it right and amazed me with her focus.  She was very proud of herself getting the right words as well as recognizing a few other ‘wrong’ words that flew past.  The free version has 100 sight words.  Also available is a paid version that teaches an additional 150 sight words.

Odd Socks Mummy is learning that there is more to posting on this website than it appears!  She is also feeling quite proud to have completed her first post.

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