Friday, September 13, 2013

Evernote: Special Education Lifesaver

Special Education = Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  And what is most of the paperwork for?  Data!  I used to have binders galore just full of data.  Until last year, that is, when I discovered Evernote and finally moved toward data tracking with less paper.  This year, I'm even tracking IEP goals through Evernote.  Best of all:  This app is free and able to be synced across all devices!

The first step to saving paper is to sign up for a free Evernote account through their website on a computer. Then, download the app on any and all devices - both Apple and Android!  Once you have access, you are ready to take it anywhere with you.

I take notes in meetings to discuss student progress and needs using Evernote. I am able to type my notes directly into Evernote and access them later when I am writing the IEP or following up on things discussed at the meeting.

Do you need a way to track goals?

Make a notebook in Evernote for each student labeled by their name.  Notebooks do have to be added first on the website version, not the app itself.

Once the notebooks are set, make a note for each goal in the child's notebook.  New notes can be added from the apps, but the initial set-up is easiest to do from the computer.

This is a look inside a child's notebook.  On the left, you will see a list of the different notes in the notebook.  On the right, you will see the open note of the Math goal.  I added in a table to keep it more organized, but it does not have to include a table.  I am able to easily go into a student's notebook and enter data for each goal--I simply type the date and the data that I want to include.  It is wonderful!

Do you assess students on their reading fluency?

When opening a note, there are options at the top of the screen.  One of them is a microphone, making it easy to actually record a student and save the sound clip in the note.  I have been recording my students on all of their reading fluency quizzes, so I can replay it for them or even for parents.  It is absolutely wonderful.

What about pictures?  Do you ever take pictures of work?

You can upload pictures straight into these files, so you have documentation of work completed.

I am absolutely loving using Evernote for tracking goal data this year!

I hope many people are inspired to try Evernote for goal tracking this year. No more carrying a binder around for me!  My iPad follows me and data can be entered at any time.

Are you ready to download Evernote?  You know you are!  Quick... use our link before you lose another piece of paper with data on it!

Set up your account at

Download the apps:
Free, iPad and iPhone users, click here:

Android using Google Play Store:
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Amazon Store:
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In-App Purchase to buy the premium version is located in a pull down tab.


Heather S. has her iPad with her all the time now.  No more binders full of data.  Even her Mini-Me has an iPad.

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