Thursday, September 5, 2013

Featured Post - I spell MY words

This wonderful app is so much more than just a spelling app.  It is an overall good vocabulary app.  You can use your own words, own spelling, own pictures, and even own voice!  The developers said the main goal for this app was "to give people of various abilities the opportunity to learn to spell the words most meaningful to them," and WOW! They definitely made it highly engaging and very customizable!

Do you call the person who gave birth to you Mom?  Mum?  Mommy?  Mother?  It doesn't matter what you say.  Just add a picture of that person and your own spelling.  While you are at it, add your voice!

I spell MY words is available for $3.99 (iPad Only) and you don't have to customize anything to download.  Just click this button to go to iTunes to purchase:



When first setting up this app, you will choose a password for the settings.  The settings is where you are able to customize everything.

Pictures can be added to the app from your iPad photo album.  Once you have your picture, type the word that you want to be displayed and spelled.  Then, record your own voice, your child's voice, or anyone's voice that you want included on the app.  Three second videos can even be recorded and added.  If your child is learning or using sign language, you could upload a video of the sign language for the word.  Maybe your child has a favorite hobby that you could take a short video of to upload.

There are three different types of rewards that can be used.  A child can pick which reward they want on each word they spell.  

The green smiley face is the sound reward.  You can record up to 10 sounds that will play in random order after a correct spelling. You could use a voice praising the child or even a song that a child likes.

The blue smiley is a visual reward.  You can upload a picture of the child that will show up on the screen.  Stars will fly across the screen on the child as a visual.

The purple smiley is for collecting points.  If your child works better for privileges or tangible things, he or she can earn points toward a prize.  Once they have all their points, they can show an adult to receive their privilege or prize!  Each level provides a different amount of points toward the goal of ten.

Once it is all set up, it is time to play the game!  Who doesn't love to play games?  Games are even better when it means something to you, like this one will once it is personalized.
The child can choose between three levels, which are shown by three different colored stars.

Yellow is the simplest level.  This level allows the child to match letter tiles to the given letters.  The word is stated aloud in the voice you choose.  The child moves the tiles to spell the word, and then they receive the reward they pick.
Orange is the medium level for our wonderful spellers.  The orange level opens up a keyboard for the word to be typed.  The words that are needed to spell are highlighted to help with finding them.
Red is the hardest level.  It shows the full keyboard without hints, so a child can type the answer.  There is a question mark on the right that is a hint button.  It will take away letters that are not in the word for a few seconds.  There is a button that allows uppercase and lowercase writing.

I spell MY words is definitely the way to go when looking for a fully customizable spelling and vocabulary app.  It is highly visual and great for a variety of abilities and ages.


Heather S. wishes she had a fun app like this when she learned to spell.  Hmmm... what words can she practice spelling with this app now?

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