Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Free App of the Day: Reactickles Magic!

ReacticklesThis isn't a new app, but somehow I've never seen it before! It's amazing, and a must-have for any parent or teacher with students just learning about cause-and-effect. It's perfect for special education! I'm already thinking about the students with whom I can use it (starting tomorrow!) It even works with voice activation! Those with limited motor control can vocalize to get the app to respond, and SLPs can use it to encourage vocalization or even when repeating words with particular speech sounds.

We know that our readers don't like in-app purchases, and so we work hard to find apps from developers who don't include them. This is one of them! There are no in-app purchases, no ads. Just a great FREE app for learning cause and effect and the power of communication.

To support Smart Apps For Special Needs and get this amazing FREE app at the same time, please use our download link (iPad ONLY): 

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From iTunes:
Mzl.wrvoqmgg.480x480-75ReacTickles Magic is a suite of applications that use touch, gesture and audio input to encourage interactive communication. The overarching goal of ReacTickles Magic is to allow users to playfully explore the magical possibilities of the system without prior knowledge or skill with technology. The variety of input modes reward any action with a dynamic array of animated shapes and patterns.

ReacTickles has been developed by a research and design team with many years experience of developing interfaces that encourage meaningful interaction. The design has involved children and adults on the autistic spectrum, who have reported the benefits of being able to use ReacTickles for relaxation and learning about cause and effect. The inclusiveness of the design is far-reaching and has been adopted by healthcare professionals, teachers and parents.


Heather H. wishes there was an app that would do her work for her while she went to bed early... 

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