Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homemade Stress Balls - Easy To Make

Stress balls are great!  They are even better when personalized.  Have you ever made your own?  I actually haven't either, but one of the awesome counselors at my previous school, Ashley, made stress balls with our students out of a balloon.  They get to put a face and even hair (yarn) on it.  They are super cute!  You could put stickers or decorate it any way you or the student want.

Ashley said she makes them 2 different ways.  The 1st way is to put a mixture of salt and flour inside a balloon.  This is the quicker way.  The 2nd way is to break up little pieces of playdough and put them in the balloon.  She said that this one takes more focus and a lesson can be completed about it during this time.

I found a post on another blog that had a great picture of what they look like.  This blog posts talks about using them to teach emotions also, which is super cute.  Here is the picture.  You can click on it to go check out Repeat Crafter Me's post:

Anyone have their own tips for these?  Who is going to try these?

Heather S. needs to make these with her students soon.
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