Monday, September 2, 2013

I Hate Washing My Hands

I Hate Washing My Hands by Tinman Arts

Does your little one with special needs hate washing their hands? Is personal hygiene a constant battle? This app may help you! The story is about a little princess who won't wash her hands and get sicks as a result. It has wonderful artwork and story that helps your child to understand what germs are and the benefits of hand washing. ~ Cas

From iTunes:
"Little princess just hates washing her hands! She ate cakes with her dirty hands. As a result germs started to upset her stomach! How terrible! How did the germs end up in little princess’ stomach? Let the kids find out for themselves …

Someone said that raising your children is a process of rectifying deviations. What should you do when you kid shows bad habits & behaviors? To let it be or correct things by force? It is very common for kids to have rebellious mentality and when that happens please give them the “little prince & princess” series. Let the kids find their commonness and companions in the little prince & princess stories. They can learn about their own behaviors and easily face the problems of their own growth."

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($1.99, iPad Only)

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