Thursday, September 19, 2013


What parent doesn't love to save every piece of artwork that their child makes? This app lets you take pictures of your child's work and save them to a specific file. Therefore, if you have two children, you make a folder for each child and save their artwork to their file to open up and admire at a later time. The files can be shared with family and friends and the first 50 keepies are free.

If you would like to purchase this app, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

Free (iPhone and 2x on iPad - requires iOS 6.0 or higher)


No Ads!
External link to Dropbox to store pictures.
In-App purchases do not show up until you have 50 keepies.  Your first 50 keepies are free.  After that, you can delete to make room for more or earn/buy more keepies

From iTunes
"Kids make awesome stuff. Keepy lets you organize, enhance, share and admire all that awesome stuff forever and ever. It's like the worlds largest, totally organized, interactive refrigerator door. Simply, snap a picture of your kids favorite drawing, report card, Lego creations, certificates, ticket stubs, paintings or anything else offline that you wanted to keep online."


Andrea H is planning to use this app so she can remove the artwork covering up her entire refrigerator. 

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