Saturday, September 21, 2013

Letter School - Let's Get Writing

For Chatterbox, Letter School is the most motivating of all the writing apps we have on the iPad.  The colorful graphics, the catchy tunes and the scaffolding from watching the letter being made through being able to write it by herself really seems to work.
If you would like to download LetterSchool ($2.99, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking on this button:


While there are three font options, Letter School doesn't have the 'correct' font for Australia but I am of the opinion that if Chatterbox can write so that others can read it, I don't really mind what font she is using!  Letter School costs $2.99.

From iTunes:

Kids practice essential skills as they play four exciting games per letter/number:

INTRO - discover the letter’s shape, name and sound
TAP - learn where to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dots
TRACE - learn the letter trajectory by tracing it
WRITE - test your knowledge by writing from memory

◆ how to write letters and numbers
◆ letter names and sounds
◆ uppercase and lowercase letters
◆ manuscript handwriting style
◆ count to 10
◆ fine motor skills
◆ eye-hand coordination
◆ the foundations of literacy and numeracy

✓ many awesome games with different learning approaches
✓ two challenging levels for twice the fun and twice the practice
✓ impressive free-form writing in advanced level
✓ highly effective visual and auditory feedback
✓ stunning graphics, exciting effects and sleek animations
✓ characters at maximum scale regardless of device orientation
✓ choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education
✓ scorekeeping: star-tokens and self-written characters in menu
✓ progress and settings stored for up to three players

Recommended for ages 3–7"

Odd Socks Mummy had the worst handwriting in her class when she was at school - now people compliment her on how neat it is!!

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