Sunday, September 1, 2013

Play Lab

Play Lab by CJ Educations

If you haven't discovered Play Lab yet, you should! A colorful fun FREE app that teaches children early concepts such as shapes and colors.

From iTunes:

PLAY LAB lets the whole family enjoy playing with shapes, colors, and numbers.
Kids can learn the basic concepts of shapes, colors, and numbers while developing sensitivity and creativity.


PLAY – Enjoy spinning and matching the shapes.
STUDY – Understand the basic concepts of shapes, colors, and numbers.
THINK – Stimulate the senses and imagination through activities involving various colors and sounds


PLAY ROBOT - Make a robot with rectangles, circles, and triangles!
PLAY SHOT - Blast walls by tapping the numbers!
PLAY GREEN - Put the yellow balls into the blue water.
PLAY BUBBLE BUBBLE - Turn the wheel to create colored bubbles.
PLAY TRIANGLE - Insert the small triangles into the big triangle.
PLAY LAND - Draw shapes by following the lines."

If you would like to download this app, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking on this button:

(Free, iPad Only)

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