Friday, September 20, 2013

Signing Time Lite

Signing Time Lite ASL - Sign Language by CMGDev, LLC

This app is the free lite version of Signing Time, an American Sign Language app to help you communicate with your non-verbal child. Signing Time is a sign language learning program that is available as videos, apps, classes and with supporting written materials. Signing Time Lite app contains flashcards and music videos and tracks your progress. Extensive research has been conducted into the effect of signing on a child's cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development.

Even for children who are developing language normally, the benefits of signing are compelling: "There is some indication that signs help children and adults understand and remember the concepts represented by words." And also, "The verbal IQs of the signing children were 12 points higher on average than their non-signing peers." And finally, "children who use signs before they talk can use signs to talk about their feelings [1] and to control their own behavior in order to comply with adults’ requests." (Signing with Babies and Children: A summary of research findings for parents and professionals)

There is an external link to the signing time website.

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(Free, iPhone and 2x iPad):

Signing Time ASL (full version)
($4.99, iPhone and 2x iPad)

Signing Time ASL Dictionary
($2.99, iPhone and 2x iPad)

From iTunes:
Signing Time is an early childhood application that focuses on developing language skills using American Sign Language (ASL). The application contains a collection of flash cards and video explanations based on award winning Signing Time Series, Volumes 1 and 2. Several songs from Emmy® Award Nominated Rachel Coleman are also included that all ages will enjoy.

Would you like to communicate with your child before they can talk? Do you want to increase your child's reading and language abilities? Scientific studies suggest that "typical" children who learn to sign have higher IQ scores, are better adjusted, and read at an earlier age.

Practice sign language with these colorful Signing Time flash cards and videos! Challenge yourself with configurable quizzes and monitor your improvement over time. Quickly lookup a video or flash card for a word, or sing along with our videos. Learning sign language has never been so much fun!

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Cas wonders if dogs can learn sign language because she has a very naughty puppy that doesn't come when it is called!

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