Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Talking ABC - 4.5 stars

Talking ABC... by Jutiful

Kelli at Smart Apps for kids reviewed this app recently and gave it 4.5 stars. That's almost a perfect score! Here's what she had to say:

"Bottom Line: With all of the animal alphabet apps available in the App Store, it’s pretty hard to find one that stands out. Talking ABC, with its creative claymation, seems to have done just that. Advertised as being for kids ages 2-7, and particularly great for preschoolers learning letter recognition."

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If you would like to purchase Talking ABC ($2.99, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

A good number of kids with special needs really benefit from the extra support that visuals can provide, and this app seems to be a very visual app that would keep a kid's attention. The alphabet is presented in a very traditional way, by having each letter represented by a different animal. What makes this presentation different however, is that the letters and animals are 3D animated clay models - 750lbs of clay were used in the making of this app! This extra depth of the presentation is what captivates young minds and helps them to remember what they have learned.

From iTunes:
- Exciting learning of letters from A to Z
- Unique clay art
- 2 learning modes – letters and sounds
- Funny and catchy alphabet song
- 26 amazing animation animals with talking mode
- Kid-friendly interface
- Each talking character has its individual voice
- 4 exciting and educational games
- Puzzles with animated animals
- Full Retina Display support
- No in-app purchases"

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Cas is a huge clay animation fan and wonders what happened to all the clay at the end of making this app.

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