Friday, September 13, 2013

The Autism Channel

"The comedic commentator has Asperger's. So does the talk show host. The daily news segment spotlights developments in the world of autism. And the families at the heart of the "At Home" reality show? All have kids with an autism spectrum disorder.

This is The Autism Channel, beamed from South Florida and offering news, entertainment, expert advice and real-world analysis, aimed at a unique audience: families living with autism."

Reports the Sun Sentinel, putting the spotlight on a new kind of television. Have you ever found that news readers all seem to have the same voice? Or are the shows that you watch on TV really representative of the broader spectrum of society? The Autism Channel sets about to bring awareness and change in our culture, where difference is still often seen as impairment.

To be able to access the Autism Channel, you need a Roku box, which then allows you access to the pre-taped shows. You can watch them whenever you like, and even share with your friends and family, to give a better insight into a more inclusive world. ~ Cas

Click here to go to the Autism Channel TV webpage.

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