Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Try Being Me - Dyslexia

CBBC is a UK television network that specializes in children's shows. Their show, Newsround, provides a lot of informational shows covering a wide range of topics. Earlier this year, they featured Dyslexia and provided information, interviews and games to help spread awareness of the learning disability.

According to the Newsround guide to dyslexia, 1 in 10 people in the UK have some form of it. I say, "some form" because not everyone who has dyslexia has the same experience. This is highlighted in the online discussion on the Newsround page, and also what is brought out in the interactive dyslexia experience - Try Being Me. Play the game now to get an insight into the difficulties people with dyslexia have.

With such a common incidence of dyslexia, it's no wonder there are many well known people with it. Keira Knightly was fortunate enough to be diagnosed early and with the help of her parents, teachers and tutors, she was able to overcome difficulties by her teens and it no longer impacts her life negatively.

To view our list of helpful apps for dyslexia, as well as further resources, please visit the blog post HERE

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Cas had fun making pnemonics for Rebekah but has trouble remembering them in real life.

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