Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Wh" Questions at Home - Who? What? Why all the questions??

Chatterbox finds it VERY difficult to understand, let alone answer, ‘wh’ questions. This, obviously, means it is just as hard for her to answer a lot of the questions she is asked at school. We practice these types of questions with the “WH” Questions at Home fun deck by Super Duper Publications.

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There are 56 cards in the deck and you can choose whether you want to use all cards or select only certain ones.  Each card displays the question along with a suitable picture.  The player can read the question or can touch the screen to hear the question.  “Wh” Questions at Home requires an adult to score the answers as correct/incorrect by touching a small red or green dot at the bottom of the page.  When we use the cards Chatterbox is often confused by the pictures, the question may be “Who lives in your house?” and she will answer “Grandpa” as there is an old man in the picture -“Grandpa” doesn’t live in our house.  To overcome this I will ask the question and not show her the picture.  My favorite part of the app is the graph that shows how each player has done overall.  Under the graph is a list of all sessions and the percentage of questions the player got right; clicking on these will show a list of which questions the player got right and wrong.  All these results can be printed or emailed.

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