Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's The Expression

What's The Expression - Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation

What's the Expression uses a little animated girl called Ningzy to teach what different emotions look like as facial expressions. Then, she asks you to touch the correct expression (out of 4 possibilities) to match the emotion stated. A correct answer is rewarded with a short animation, and an incorrect answer highlights the correct answer before giving the user another chance to choose correctly. This is a good way to reinforce different facial expressions. ~ Cas

From iTunes:
"How to show others that you are happy? How to show you are sad? Learn different facial expressions in order to ask or say what exactly you need. Considering expressions as the need of the hour, WebTeam Corporation has developed an app called What’s the Expression that helps children on the spectrum emote various expressions such as anger, happiness and sadness in an easy way.

In order to avail all the benefits of this app, all you need is buy this app and play as much as you can. This app provides 30 questions after which you will get an option to like and share your scores on Facebook with your near and dear ones. What are you waiting for? Go, get started…

If you would like to purchase this app, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking on this button:

(Free, iPad/Iphone)

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