Monday, September 16, 2013

Wildlife Video Touch

Just like Sound Touch (a favorite app of mine). Wildlife Video Touch was made by the same developers of Sound Touch, and it has real video clips of animals for your little ones to explore.

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$2.99 (iPad and iPhone)

From iTunes:
"Simplicity is the key to a successful app, especially for children. For the younger ones, even swiping can get a little tricky. Video Touch relies only on taps, making it super easy for little fingers to navigate.

The app opens right to the activity, without a main menu. There are 12 items displayed with bright, cute cartoon items. Tap a picture, and a real life video clip of the item pops open. Tap the video anywhere again, and it disappears.

Playing around with the app, you'll discover something even cooler – each animal has not one, but 4 real video clips! Bringing up something new every time you tap is a great way to keep kids’ attention".

Andrea H. loves animals and enjoys watching them in their natural habitat. Here is hoping that she can get to the zoo one last time before the cold Michigan weather sets in.

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