Saturday, October 26, 2013

Be The One They Remember

For many children, they are overshadowed in an overly busy world.  Many different students pass through a teacher's doors.  What can you do to make them remember you for the rest of their lives?  You may never admit this to another person, but do you have a student who you think a little less of or feel indifferent towards?  Take a moment and think of why this might be.

Please view this inspiring story and find out how you can help change just one life for the better.  It is so easy to judge another.  It is honorable to recognize and support another person in their developing life.  Watch until the end.....and grab a tissue...

Let us know what you think!  Do you think you can be the person they remember for a student in your class?
Leslie is known to be a crier.  Yes, this story made her tear up ...okay she even sobbed a little.  

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