Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beginning Phonics - great free phonics app!

Beginning Phonics by iactivecom

I have to say, the best thing about this app is the feedback. The animations and audio that children are rewarded with are hilarious! They are so unexpected and motivating. The app is amazingly customizable for a free app and has the ability to create five different student profiles, which can be tracked, making it a very useful tool for the classroom.

If you would like to download Beginning Phonics (Free, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs and click on this button:



Beginning Phonics is a simple matching kind of game, where pictures are matched with their beginning sounds. The number of targets can be chosen from a choice of two, three, four, six or eight. The letters that are active as those targets can also be chosen. The five profiles could be used for five different students or for a single student with different letter targets for different days of the week.

As the pictures are tapped on, a woman's voice says what the picture is of. This is a great idea so there is no confusion over what is being shown, and the beginning sound is heard quite clearly. The picture can either be dragged to the corresponding letter, or can be tapped to highlight, and then the corresponding letter tapped. This is good for children who use key-guards or have trouble dragging items on the screen.

There are no penalties for wrong answers and progress is recorded for teachers in the form of a graph and report. There is the option for a timed (one minute) session, if the student needs practice with speed but otherwise, there is no pressure to complete the activity in a certain time limit. There are a lot of great features of Beginning Phonics that make it a wonderful special needs phonics app. Download it today!

From iTunes:
Touch, action and music engage children with beginning phonics. Based on the most current reading research, zippy tunes and hilarious animation reinforce each correct choice. Easy set up lets kids work on many letter sounds, or just a few.

Parents and teachers can target specific tricky sounds, like “s” and “z” or “p” and “b”, or allow the game to select sounds randomly. Reports for up to 5 children show you what letter sounds they may need help with. Activate the timer feature to see how many letter sounds a child can match in a minute.

Your little ones will love this adorable app – and be on their way to reading!

The most engaging beginning phonics app –
based on the most current reading research.
• Touch action, sounds and music
• Zippy tunes and hilarious animation
• Easy set up
• Select letters or use random play
• Reports for up to 5 children
• Timer feature

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Cas finds free phonics apps fantastic and fun.

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