Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birdhouse for Autism - tool for tracking health and behavioral information

Birdhouse for Autism is a tool which helps caregivers easily track health and behavioral information for a child. This free tool is created to help organize medications given, amount of sleep, therapies, moods, meltdowns and even poops.

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 Requires membership to Birdhouse (free or name your price)


Many things can go into a child having a good day or a bad day. For a child with Autism, certain things can regularly set off meltdowns, while other sources for a meltdown might not be as obvious. The Birdhouse for Autism tool is an easy to use organizational tool to help caregivers track various aspects of a child's day.

I refer to it as a tool, instead of just an app, because there is so much more available than just the app portion. The app is a way to interface with the online profile. The website allows users to easily view and update all activities even with the Lite membership.

The app is free to download, however you have to create a Birdhouse account prior to use at There are two options for membership - Lite and Standard.

Lite membership is free and gives users the ability to post new activities for multiple children via the app on the phone. As far as the phone app goes, that is about it. The web interface allows access to all posted activities and is shown in a weekly view.

Standard membership is "name your own price" at a recurring monthly rate. This option opens up options on the phone app to view and edit activities as well as entering new ones. You can go to their website for a full list comparing the Lite and Standard memberships.

Many of these features are available on the web page with Lite membership. This is truly the way a Lite version should be offered.  There is plenty of functionality available for free, but if the user decides they want more functionality, the Standard membership is available.

There are many aspects of this tool which you may find beneficial.  Personally, I like that you can not only track their moods, but also  meltdowns including length and severity (low, medium and high). Each activity also allows optional notes, if more information is needed.

The "Other" category opens the doors for users to enter anything else they find beneficial - food intake, play groups, outings, etc. The sky is the limit.

This is a versatile tool with ample ability to customize. As the saying goes: "If you know one person with Autism; you know one person with Autism." Each child is different, and this tool allows caregivers to input and track activities for their child. If you are looking for a free, easy to use tool to help track what is going on with your child, give this one a try.

Rachel H. is a lover of spreadsheets and data collection. This app is right up her alley. 

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