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Educating Eddie Currency Edition - free life skills app

Educating Eddie Currency - Learn money skills (counting, adding, subtracting, recognising) for kids by Broccol-E-Games

This fabulous free app is great for learning about discriminating Australian currency denominations and also practicing basic currency addition. Eddie the Koala is on a quest to free his friends who have been trapped. As he completes a level, he is rewarded with a key, and then upon completing the subsequent level, he uses the key to free his friend. Children are motivated to keep adding the coins to reach the top and add freed friends to their collection. Another bonus motivator are the clothing items which are earned along the way and used to dress up Eddie.

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In-app purchases for each of the four difficulty levels or complete package. External links to contact developer, rate app, email and share on Facebook. IAPs and external links are locked in the parent's corner.
What's free: 20 levels (five each in the four difficulty levels)
What's not free: 12 levels (three each in the four difficulty levels).

Little kids love to play shop because they love to imitate adults, and handle pretend money. This app is another way that kids can get their hands on some Aussie cash, without the risk of losing the real thing. Educating Eddie is a range of apps by Broccol-E games. This particular app is all about recognizing Australian currency notes and coins, as well as adding and subtracting different amounts of money that may be used in real life situations.

The illustrations are cartoon-like, but the money is photo-realistic (if not real-size), so any practice your child gets with this app can be directly transferred to handling real money. As your child correctly identifies the amounts of money presented, Eddie the Koala jumps from branch to branch on his way up to the top of the trees. He collects broccoli bunches along the way, which can be used to gain additional clothing items (automatically). The free version allows enough broccoli bunches to change Eddie's shirt and hat.

There are not too many good Australian money teaching apps available for kids, so I would recommend you download this one. The free version allows creation of four profiles, each with access to 20 levels, which is more than half the levels available, so it is most definitely worth it!

From iTunes:
Travel with Eddie around Australia to find his friends and beat Dundee the Croc!

Modelled on the Common Core Standards, Educating Eddie (Currency) is a fun game to help children (ages 4+) practice their money counting skills.
(For more information on the curriculum used throughout the game, tap on the Curriculum button in Parent's Corner in the game)

Features include:
- Nearly 1000 money related questions for your child to solve!
- 4 different levels of difficulty to play
- Support for up to 4 different children playing on the same device!
- Cute animations and original sounds throughout the game
- Your child can customise Eddie's clothes, and unlock Eddie's 12 friends as they progress in the game!
- Hours of educational fun!

Download it now and improve your child's financial literacy!


Cas' children rarely get to see real money, even their pocket money is "virtual," so this is a good option for them to learn about it.

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