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Emotions Collection - Children's Stories That Deal With Emotions

Emotions Collection by itbook

Sometimes it's difficult to talk to children about the emotions they feel in response to big events in our lives. Perhaps it's because we're suffering as well, or don't have the right words to say, or are scared of not providing the support our children need. Sometimes it's easier to begin with a book. Read a story together about a child they can identify with, who is experiencing the same emotions. A story can be a good launch pad to talk about the similarities and differences between the character and your child. Stories often say just what we would like to say, in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

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In-app purchases for the whole collection
What's free: one story
What's not free: five stories

Emotions Collection is a free app that comes with one free story that deals with death. titled The Invisible Friend. The story relates how a girl, called Anna, came home one day to be told that her grandmother had died. Anna's grief is described as losing her color, and the invisible friend (Anna in color) comes to help black-and-white Anna get her color back. The gorgeous illustrations and gentle sensitive story will tempt you to buy the whole collection.

Other stories in the Emotions Collection deal with anger, happiness, sadness, fear and worry and can be bought for $2.99 each or $5.49 for the whole set.

From iTunes:
Acknowledgement of emotions and feelings. For Children between two and a half years and eight years. The stories are structured around adventures that Anna and Pete live to recognize, learn and put in practice different feelings such as fear, sadness, happiness or anger.

In the application menu you will find some activities designed for children to understand and express these emotions.

The invisible friend
Anna is suffering because her grandma died and she is in black and white. Helped by her invisible friend, her sadness is mixed with the pleasant memories of her grandma

The dragon’s tail
When Pete gets angry, stamps his feet and breaks his toys. He is very angry. Pete’s toys are very sad and will make him forget and understand his anger little by little.

The colored stars

Anna and Pete go to play to the park, laugh, have a great time and are very happy. Nevertheless, there are children in the park who are not so happy. Anna and Pete help them feel this happiness too.

The sandbag
Anna breaks her treasures box and has to carry the sadness’ bag all day. Over time the sandbag becomes smaller and Anna learns that sadness comes and then goes away again.

The Supersonic Wonder Woman
At midnight, Anna starts crying and telling that she has just had dreamt that a very big monster had come to her room. The Supersonic Wonder Woman, who is her friend, makes him disappear.

The grey cloud
Anna has gone on a walk with her dog Flip and he has disappeared and no one can find him. Anna has a grey cloud on her head because she is worried. When she finds her dog Flip, this feeling will disappear.

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Cas has had to bury a few pets in the last couple of years and was amazed at the completely different ways her children dealt with those events.

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