Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Flashcards - Homework Help

No more messy piles of index cards!  School just started but parents and teachers are always on the hunt for a good flash card/study assistance app. Top-rated study applications can help students organize their notes and prepare for end of the semester tests. Flashcards* lets users create, share, and use study materials anywhere.  Kids can create flash cards so they can study anywhere, anytime. Kids can share their custom work with classmates and the app can be synced with other devices, as well as assessed online.

If you would like to download Flashcards* (iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for special needs by using our link:


A lot of advertisements with free version.  In-App purchase of $2.99 to remove ads.
External Links to developer webpage and iTunes


Flashcards* is more than just another flashcard app. It offers collaboration. Teachers, students, therapists and friends can create and share sets of flashcards with each other.

There is a fairly large, categorized library of pre-made flashcards available to users. Searching through the pre-made flashcards can get a little cumbersome. For instance, I was looking for basic addition flashcards for my 2nd grader. I found list after list of already made cards. While this was great, it took some time to find a set which would work.

This is an example of an app that is what the user makes of it. There is a great infrastructure set in place. The user can easily make flashcards on a computer, tablet or phone which are individualized to a child's needs. One can also search and use flashcards created by others, which would benefit a child.

From iTunes:

Flashcardlet is a free, easy-to-use studying application with material for any class or standardized test. You can also create and share your own. It is the best way to study on any iOS device.

Other flashcard apps can't handle device syncing, web-editing, large decks, sharing, images, intuitive gestures, or even manage to show nice looking cards. Flashcardlet feels like a real deck of flashcards and does not get in your way.

Collaboratively creating and sharing study material does not get easier than Flashcardlet. Everything is automatically kept up-to-date with a Brainscape account. You can also email your flashcard decks or share them using Dropbox.

From grade school to law school, Flashcardlet is the perfect studying tool for any subject.


-Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Flashcardlet is easier to use and more refined than any other flashcard app.
-Create new decks of flashcards quickly and easily.
-Effortlessly use multiple devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, or the web to study and edit your cards.
-Store or share your decks using Dropbox or E-mail
-Download flashcard decks from Quizlet.
-Study Quizlet flashcard decks with high-resolution images.
-Study long flashcard decks without any performance issues.
-Flip through cards with natural-feeling gestures that move as fast or slow as you would like.

-Don't waste your time waiting for flashcard decks to download: they download automatically in the background.
-Study in both portrait and landscape orientations.
-Cards are pleasing to the eye and look better than handwritten flashcards do.
-Study even more efficiently by discarding cards you have mastered or bookmarking troublesome ones.
-Study your cards in the order that helps you learn best - random, alphabetical, or an order that you specify.

Andrea H would love to have time to make an organized list of her kids' after school activities!

Rachel H. recently found a set of old flashcards she hand wrote back in college. Her daughter thought it was funny how hard studying used to be.

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