Friday, October 11, 2013

FREE Text to Speech Soundboard

A text to speech soundboard. Type something into the app, which will make a folder, and then press on the folder to have it said out loud. This app has limitless possibilities!

If you would like to download Speech Soundboard (Free, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using this link:


This app would be a great one to help give a voice to individuals who are nonverbal.  It would be great to use in the classroom, even for verbal students, for writing out sentences and then hearing them read aloud to help with grammar.

From Itunes:

The only iOS 7 native Text to Speech Soundboard on the app store!

It's very simple:
1. Create buttons with your custom text.
2. Press the buttons to hear your device speak your text.

Speech Soundboard uses the built-in VoiceOver text-to-speech engine in iOS 7 to deliver top-quality speech.
Complete redesign for
iOS 7.
- No longer focused on reversing text.
- Re-implemented as a soundboard.
- Now uses built-in Text-To-Speech

Once you first set up your account you are then asked to type out a sentence or phrase and then place it into a folder. Once the folder is created you push on the folder to hear your phrase or sentence read outloud.  If all augmentative communication apps were this easy to figure out, people would be using them more!
Andrea H wishes there were only 2 steps involved in getting kids ready in the morning!

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