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Fun, Games and Learning all in one - JumpStart Pet Rescue

Fun, Games and Learning all in one package.
If you are looking for an app that has a lot of learning activities disguised as games, as well as interactive play, I strongly suggest downloading JumpStart Pet Rescue. Seven-year old Little Miss M loves dressing up her character and designing her own house. Four-year old K-Bear loves jumping on the water slide and playing the plethora of learning games. Even Baby-Z gets in on the act, watching the music videos and dancing and singing along.

If you would like to download JumpStart Pet Rescue ($7.99 iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

A parents tab allows you to customize characters for different children and create different accounts. All that is required is a valid email address.


The husband and I first purchased JumpStart Pet Rescue for the girls on their Nintendo Wii gaming system. The tracking required for this game proved very difficult, especially given it's intended age target. However, we loved the game and all the activities that were there for the girls to play. When we saw there was an app that was basically the same game, we jumped all over the free version.

We used the free version for such a short amount of time because they girls were in love with the app. The free version offers limited experiences and limited games, but it is a great trial. The full version gives the child so many different games and activities. Little Miss M and I sat down to play this afternoon. She was so excited to take Mommy through the game.

Little Miss M started by choosing her name from the drop down menu and her adopted character popped up. We immediately headed to the costume tent to dress-up for our adventure. Little Miss M was feeling very stylish and chose a beautiful yellow ensemble, complete with shoes. There are so many choices that it's quite possible to spend hours at a time just getting dressed. Then, we headed for a trip down the water slide on our way over to the movie tent. Little Miss M showed me a few of the movies, both animated and live action. The wonderful songs and beautiful video were so enticing I wanted to watch each one.

I, then, persuaded Little Miss M to head over to the Learning House where we engaged in many different learning activities at varying levels; letters, numbers, matching and so much more. It was impossible to be bored in this place. Little Miss M was in tour guide mode though, so we promptly headed over to Our House to design the structure of our dreams.

I realize the $7.99 price point may seem a little high to some, but considering we spent over $20 on the Nintendo Wii version, I considered this a bargain, especially knowing the amount of information and activities the girls would get to engage in.

I strongly recommend JumpStart Pet Rescue as a great learning resource. Even though it's recommended for younger players, I found it perfectly appropriate for a wide range of children.

If you would rather download the  free version, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

From iTunes:
(Note: DOES NOT support iPod Touch 4G)
* “This one is the best JumpStart game by far…” — Royal Little Lambs 
* “You know you’re getting a quality learning game that you expect from JumpStart.” —  

Immerse your child in a large, interactive world with in-depth gameplay! OVER 60 HOURS OF FUN!

Have your child help their furry friends, by working your way through five lands where they can master fundamental skills like letter and number recognition, vocabulary and creativity. Along the way kids can adopt, play with and care for their new pet pal as well as create their own player in this immersive world.

Visit the JumpStart Art Studio to make their own custom creations and so much more!

With catchy songs and other fun activities, JumpStart Pet Rescue provides preschoolers with the practice they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Your child will have so much fun that they won’t be able to put the games down except to say “THANK YOU!”

 • Over 50 activities that teach your child 75 essential learning skills -- including vocabulary, number recognition and more! 
• More than 10 pets to play with, care for and feed!
• Over 10 storybooks featuring the JumpStart pals!
• Endless amounts of digital coloring pages, lively music videos and customizable game features provide your child hours of fun!
• 5 distinctive lands in this magical 3D world to explore!
• Limitless options to customize your character and house!
 •Developed from child education experts: Learning curriculum developed and reviewed by early childhood and preschool education experts!


Amanda thinks the best way to learn something is by having fun!

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