Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Your Family Synchonized

HATCHEDit digitizes your date book and syncs it with everyone's schedules so you don't have to worry about overbooking activities.

If you would like to download HATCHEDit Shareable Calendar (Free, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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This app lets the user organize family commitments, work appointments and everything else in between, which will help the user never forget an appointment again.

The first page allows a person to organize the inbox, contacts, groups, blogs and calendar all in one place. How amazing is that?

From iTunes:
Share your calendar, to do lists, photos and more with best friends (BFFs), close family, friends, etc.

HATCHEDit is a free organizer that includes a shared calendar, to do lists, & more! We have built a social network to make sure that your home, your schedule, and your family stay organized. Best of all we are a social network - so you can share events, to do lists and photos with other people - all for free.

Hatchedit lets you coordinate your calendar and schedules and share them with other people – such as grandparents, aunts/uncles, sitters, and close friends. It’s a journal of your life that can be shared easily with those you love.

Let our easy to use productivity tools help you organize your life and your family. You can learn even more about our free tools by logging in on our website: is committed to helping you keep the information you share with your family safe and private.

Those photos of the kids that you don’t want to post on Facebook for the whole world to see? Share them with Grandparents, aunts and uncles on Hatchedit.

Create a family account and oversee who your kids can and cannot connect to.

Share calendar, TO DO lists, chore lists, grocery lists, shopping lists and more!

Share Photos with their family account AND with other members (ie. grandparents, aunts/uncles, babysitters, close friends)

Share all or just certain types of events on your calendar (ie, sporting events, academic events).

Email invitations to events to your family and even to NON Hatchedit members. Mark down everyone’s birthday and easily RSVP to events that you are invited to.

Everyone in the family can receive a daily journal by email – so they can see what pictures have been posted, what events are coming up on the family calendar, and what lists have been added.

HatchedIt has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), which awarded us the Organizers Choice Award for Best Tech Product of 2012. We have also been featured in the "Surf it!" section of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine (May 2012), and are a Startup America company.

Hatchedit is the only social network built to help you coordinate your life with your most intimate social network – your family. We help you take all the information that you keep on the front of your refrigerator with you – no matter where you are.

App FEATURES (no advertising!):

The whole family can share the same color coded calendar. Everyone can log in – at a computer, on their iphone or ipad - wherever they are.

Share to do lists with your family. Create one grocery list that everyone can add to, and that people can open at the store and know what needs to be replenished. Create chores lists for your kids, so that you both know what they need to do. Share packing lists when going on vacation!

Follow your favorite blogs and news feeds in one place. Add RSS Feeds of your favorite blogs or news sites, and have them all in one, easy to access place.

Photo sharing! Share photos with those close to you. Trust that they won’t go further than your closest friends and family. Let your kids share pictures and know they won’t be seen by the entire world. See a pair of jeans you want to buy online? Curate a picture and save the link of where you found them!

Who does not love a family calendar that is sharable and that will put all your information from blogs, contacts, inboxes, to-do lists in ONE SPOT?

Andrea H wishes that her husband would start his own calendar, so he can make his own appointments!

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