Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Make Your Own Instruments at Home

Music is extremely different across our vast world.  However, one thing that it does have in common is that it affects us all.  Here are a few quick and easy ways to make your very own style of music in the comfort of your own home.

Tin drums or "bongo's" can be filled with rice for a unique sound.
After putting the rice in a clean, dry, and edge-safe tin can, cut off the open end of a balloon and place it over the top.  Secure with a rubber band.

Make an 'anything' drumset!
This is self-explanatory. Use anything and everything, that is acceptable, for your child to bang on. Be sure to use different drumsticks (wooden, metal, plastic spoons or even a paper towel tube.) 

Use different sized rubber bands for various plastic ware tub tones.
You can also use different sized containers to even further expand your note range. How do you think the sounds will change?

Remember the comb and wax paper kazoo?  Here's a kid-friendly alternative.
Make a kazoo at home with a paper towel/toilet paper tube, some wax paper, and a rubber band.  Place the wax paper over one end and secure it with a rubber band. Poke a hole in the side of the tube, speak in the open end and make a 'dooooooo' sound. I may or may not have broken into the Star Wars theme song when we tried it at home.  

Make 'Rain in a bottle" without getting wet. 
Fill a bottle with a box of toothpicks and about a half cup of dry rice. Turn bottle over to hear sounds of rain.  Cool! 

Making your own music wall can be a real treat! 
If you have the space, I absolutely LOVE this idea of having a 'sound space' where your child could go for different sensory feedback.  Make sure to add different textures (wood, metal, plastic, foil, coins, rubber, etc.) to give the widest range of sounds and physical experience with each item. 

Spoons, forks, keys, cut pvc piping, cardboard, cooling racks, cans, bottles, sticks, bells, washers, funnels, CD's, paper, pots, pans, measuring cups, toothpicks, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, milk jugs, cookie sheets, big rocks, small rocks, acorns -- the list is endless.  I'm willing to bet that you can find many different musical items in your home or for very cheap at a yard sale. 

Go on Pinterest and search for 'homemade instruments' and get ready to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas!  You'll be ready to have your home based garage band in no time!

Please share any great ideas you've found your child or student making music from.  We'd absolutely LOVE to hear from you!


Leslie can't wait to peel herself away from Pinterest long enough to make her very own music wall...for her kids.  Yeah, that's right.  For her kids. 

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