Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lexico Cognition - Language Comprehension

Lexico Cognition by Pappy GmbH
***FREE*** demo

Another app for learning/practicing concepts, such as left/right and other positions, before/after, opposites etc. Download the app as a free demo to see if you think it will be a useful tool, before you pay to purchase the full version. It has lots of activities, tracks progress and has different options for randomizing the pictures. Worth a look!

If you would like to download Lexico Cognition (Free, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking on this button:

In-app purchase for $9.99 to unlock all levels of full version
External links to email developer, rate app

From iTunes:
Lexico-Cognition is an App to develop language understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills in a playful way. It was developed and tested by qualified speech therapists.

A simple, logical user interface and attractive images motivate even younger children to work independently. All questions are read aloud, allowing children who cannot read to use he App. For reading practice, the sound can be turned off.

All the exercises consist of a series of questions to which the answer must be found. To play, the question card must be dragged onto the right answer image.
The levels A and B are working exclusively with images - both the questions and the answers are illustrated.
In levels C, D, E and F the questions are read aloud (and shown as text). The answers are images.

Each level contains five question and answer games. Solved tasks are marked, in order to track learning progress.

Try Lexico - Cognition with the free level E. All other levels can be unlocked through an in-App purchase.

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Cas loves apps that have been developed by professionals in the field of special needs. 

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