Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mighty Shapes -- Learn Colors, Shapes, Emotions, Patterns and more

Mighty Shapes -- Join The Circus is a well designed app which offers a fun and encouraging opportunity for children to learn colors, shapes, emotions and patterns through progressively challenging levels. As a bonus, children will not realize that the different touch gestures are helping to improve fine motor skills.

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When my 5 year old started playing Mighty Shapes, I thought it was pretty basic.  A red circle Mighty Shape character popped up on screen and he was told to touch the red shape.  Once he went through a few screens of this, two or two little shapes were on the screen and my son was instructed to select a certain color.  My son enjoyed it, so I kept watching.

As he continued, I noticed the levels started to slowly get more complicated.  Instead of just picking a red shape, he had to pick a red circle, then the biggest blue triangle, then all the small red circles together.  The child will not only have to recognize different properties, but also different combinations.

Having a child on the autism spectrum who struggles with recognizing other's emotions, I appreciate that one of the categories is emotion.  Users must pick the happy square or the sad triangle.

The levels also gave different instructions on how to select the Mighty Shape -- tickle, tap, drag, tap twice, or press multiple shapes together.  The different finger movements not only require the child to pay attention, but also helps develop fine motor skills.

If the child gets an answer wrong, the voice prompt simply says "I am not _____, try again." This approach helps reinforce why the child was incorrect so they know what it is they should be looking for.  If the child needs to hear the instructions again, they simply press the speaker on the right of the screen.

The settings allow for multiple user profiles.  If you have more than one child, then they can progress through the levels at their own speed.  You can also rename each user to the child's name.

Adults can also access settings to turn on and off certain categories.  If the child is not ready for patterns or spatial relations (sides, above, under, etc) then the category can be deselected.  Also, if the child needs to only focus on one category, all others can be turned off.

Once the last level is reached, all the Mighty Shapes dance out on the screen with fireworks and balloons.  The kids can listen to the music and celebrate their achievement.  They can also pop the cartoon shapes and the balloons as they move across the screen.

This is a great app for kids wanting to learn about shapes, but can also help any child with fine motor development and learn to differentiate multiple traits. The fun music and positive feedback for a job well done encourages the children to keep playing.  I've been told that the best therapy feels like play time.  Mighty Shapes is a therapy that feels like play time.

Rachel H. bought her iPad for herself, but years later realized how much it has helped her kids' education. She still wont cave to their begging for one for each of them.

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