Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Morgan's Wonderland - An Amusement Park Built For Those With Special Needs

Do you live in the San Antonio, Texas area?  Are you planning a trip to that area?  Tricia recommended an amusement park there called Morgan's Wonderland.

Tricia said, "The dad of a daughter with special needs created this 100% handicapped accessible and disability friendly amusement park. People with disabilities get in free too! We took my daughter 2 years ago"

 Due to the fact that I, personally, have not been to Morgan's Wonderland, I will be pulling some information from their website.  I believe this is a great place that many of you may want to visit with your family at some time, so I want to share it, but I do not have personal experiences to share.

Many things caught my attention about Morgan's Wonderland, as I browsed the website.  First of all, this park was completely designed for individuals with special needs.  Most amusement parks accommodate special needs, but this one is made specifically for them.

A wide range of attractions are found here:
  • The Sensory Village (more information about this later in the post)
  • Butterfly Playground - completely shaded and has a rubberized surface
  • Wonderland Express and Depot with wheelchair accessible ramps
  • Starlight Amphitheater
  • Off-Road Adventure Ride
  • Carousel
  • The Wharf - "fishing and fun"
  • Pirate Island Playground & Garden
  • Walk & Roll Path
  • Garden Sanctuary & Memorial Wall
  • Water Works - an area of water sensory activities
  • Sand Circle
  • Music Garden
  • The Picnic Place - bringing your own food is allowed
  • Around the World - the rest areas that are inspired by different areas of the world
  • Traditional, adaptive, and wheelchair swings

Many of these are self-explanatory on what is included, but I want to share the information about The Sensory Village:
Unique and interactive, our Sensory Village is a cluster of themed spaces that inspire imaginative play and unique sensory adventures. The Paramount Theater offers interactive videos. The Saddle-Up Stable holds two Equicizer Horses. The Fix-It Shop lets guests create a tool sounding symphony, design a custom car and go for a simulated test drive through San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country.  The Village Market grocery store is full of fun colorful groceries, perfect for imaginative play and KMWL7 TV station allows guests to do the weather forecast and see themselves on TV!

How cool does that sound?

Safety is very important for anyone traveling with kids, especially those with special needs.  This park has taken that into consideration.  Everyone in the park wears a GPS Adventure Band.  If your child would become separated from you, there are Location Stations around the park.  You will scan your own bracelet at the Location Station, and it will show you a map of exactly where those with the bands in your group are located.  These bands are also used to make sure a child does not leave the park without the adult they entered with.  For a little more fun, the bracelet can be used to take picture memories, in certain locations, and e-mail them.

Prices are very reasonable, compared to many amusement parks.  Any individual with a special need enters for free, along with all children ages zero to two.  Ages 11-61 are $15.00 + tax, and everyone else is $10.00 + tax.  Parking is complimentary.

This park sounds like a great opportunity for any family to visit when in the San Antonio, Texas area.  To receive more information about Morgan's Wonderland, you can visit their site by clicking here: Morgan's Wonderland.

Are there any other parks like this out there?


Heather S. would like to visit San Antonio, TX at some point, and Morgan's Wonderland will definitely be on her list to visit.

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