Saturday, October 12, 2013

Music and the Soul

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

It is pretty common knowledge that music opens up a part of us that can be pushed far away. For some of us, music is such a core part of who we are that it becomes almost therapeutic. I'm the person who you can see belting out a song while driving my car around town or singing in the shower, messing up lyrics left and right. Can I carry a tune? Not really, but I don't care. Music is part of who I am and my children get to experience that. My heart fills when my little girl tells me, "Mommy, I love hearing you sing."Sometimes they all tell me to stop dancing or singing.  Other times, they join in and it's the best time for everyone (even if it's 80's rap or Call Me Maybe).

No matter if you can sing or not, it is very important to get your child involved in music in any way possible. Have them play an instrument by banging on a drum (Tupperware or pan) or using a recorder or kazoo. You can even make your own kazoo with a comb and some wax paper. Have them clap or tap a foot to the beat of their favorite song.  Put some dry rice or beans in a small container and use it as a shaker.  Ways to home-make musical instruments are only as limited as your imagination.  Having trouble thinking of any? Check out Pinterest and prepare to be amazed.

There have even been studies in brain trauma patients that show music can help with memory association.  Do you have certain songs that bring back a memory of an event in your life?  Does it take you back and make you feel (good or bad) what you were feeling at the time?  This shows just how important music can be. 

What songs lift you up when you're feeling blue?  What songs make you dance when you clean the house? 

Leslie loves 80's music and singing to almost anything.  If you spot her singing in her car, get her attention and laugh to see her turn 100 shades of red.

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