Sunday, October 13, 2013

LEGO Peekaboo app!

Are you a busy caregiver with a child who loves to play peekaboo? Do you wish you could have hands to play peekaboo and a separate set to make dinner? Look no further than the, LEGO DUPLO Peekaboo app. From the minute you open the app, the charming music makes you just want to smile. Then, as you watch the lovable characters dance across the screen, you might feel like jumping in and playing peekaboo too. This app is great at teaching different swiping motions on the screen and a wonderful start for teaching cause and effect. 

 If you would like to download LEGO DUPLO Peekaboo (FREE iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking here:


No ads or in-app purchases, but there is a Parent's link that will take you to the LEGO website to view terms of use, privacy policy and cookie policy.


Open the Peekaboo app and you will surely be bouncing to the playful tune. The adorable faces of the teddy bear, giraffe and bunny rabbit greet you. Go ahead and click the big play button to get started.

Teddy has hidden, bunny and giraffe show you how to find him, away they run and it is your turn to play. Each item you touch makes a noise or a motion. If you are unsure of where to look, an animated hand shows you how to move the structure hiding teddy.

The activity is then repeated for the giraffe, who has a very hard time hiding his long body, and then for the bunny rabbit. As you find each character they twirl and dance to the happy music that is played. Find all three and you build your own DUPLO statue which is presented to you with clapping and confetti.

This is a simple app, but perfect for introducing young hands and short attention spans to using a tablet. The instant gratification of finding the animals will be a great reward for anyone who plays it. Kids can play by themselves or with someone else. My girls love it and giggle the whole time they are playing.

From iTunes:

A classic hide and seek game for 1½-3 year old toddlers with our two LEGO® DUPLO® mascots Giraffe and Rabbit, and their new friend Teddy. (If you thought a Giraffe is too tall to hide behind a couple of bricks, think again.)

If you’re a parent of toddlers, you may have discovered that playing Peek a Boo (in real life) can be an endless source of entertainment. And what’s the best part? The thrill of finding the one who was hiding -- in crazy hiding places, of course.

Once toddlers have found the three sneaky friends in the game, they can build their own digital DUPLO trophy and start over, or pour out a bucket of their own bricks, and build places to hide from their older siblings. Or parents. (If you thought a toddler can’t hide behind a couple of bricks… well, you get the picture.)

LEGO® DUPLO® Peek a Boo is the latest in a series of web and app games for toddlers, based on Giraffe and Rabbit’s adventures in the land of DUPLO.


*Bright, fun, and toddler-friendly animations and soundtrack
*Intuitive icons and navigation for easy game play
*Virtual building with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks
*No in-app purchases
*No third party advertising
*No links to websites


Amanda wishes she had an extra hand, but until then, peekaboo will keep the girls happy.

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